We do not require prior working experience for the application. Successful candidates will be advised to take preparatory courses based on how they perform during the written test and group assessment.

Yes. Candidates will be required to attempt an on-line test of their general understanding in Finance and Investment. Such examination requirement may be exempted for candidates with working experiences in Finance and Banking fields, or those with certain professional qualification.

Group based assessment will be arranged with a panel of committee. Please check details with the admission team.

MSc. IAM focuses on Investment Analysis and Management. Core and elective courses emphasizes analytical tools and concepts for understanding investment in major financial asset classes.

Our Wealth Management and Tax Planning is benchmarked with Certified Financial Planner with in-depth understanding on key aspects of financial planning for clients or for your own financial goals.

Last but not least, MSc.IAM introduces Start-up Financing and Seminar in Financial Technology and Innovation to enrich students’ perspectives on the powerful transformation of technology in financial services industry.

Our students have been working in Banking, Securities Companies, Asset Management Companies, running their own businesses, or managing their own investment portfolio.

The program invites teaching faculties with rich experience in professional fields, teaching, or combination of both. Many of our respected lecturers hold multiple designations, ranging from Ph.D, CFA, CFP or FRM.

If you are working in Investment Banking, Asset Management Company, or certain roles in Banking, the program provides you with the solid foundations and insights into business application.

In case, you do not work in the Financial Services Industry. You will be equipped with new perspectives and financial analysis tool to complement your role. On a personal basis, you will have the knowledge and inspiration to start managing your own financial well-being.

The program focuses on extension of theory, and seek to develop the students’ insights into the practices in selected fields. The focus will be on solving cases and understanding how theory is applied in practice.