Course Description

AM 5101 Investment* Non-Credit
Basic concepts of, features, analysis and valuation techniques for equities, fixed income, mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and derivatives. Principles of Portfolio Management, Process for asset allocation, portfolio management and their application to the Thai Financial markets.

*This course is a pre-requisite for AM8118 Equity Investment, AM8104 Fixed Income Investment, AM8105 Derivatives Analysis, AM8106 Alternative Investments and AM8107 Market Analysis and Portfolio Management

AM 5108 Economics and Capital Markets** Non-Credit
Basic concepts of economics and capital market focusing on interactions and influence on each other. Understand macroeconomic indicators including implications of fiscal and monetary policies as well as signals from capital market including risk-free and yield curves. Provide technical background to relate economic developments and interpret capital market prices.

**This course is a pre-requisite for Cases in Ethics and Professional Standard of Conduct

AM 5103 Introduction to Valuation and Financial Modelling Non-Credit
Basic excel skills to incorporate and take advantage of excel functions and table features for financial analysis, create macro-based solution, build data table and perform sensitivity analysis. Practices of basic financial instrument valuations, and data preparation to perform various financial modelling.
AM 8101 Financial Statement Analysis 3 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 5100 Financial Accounting

Concepts and techniques for analysing financial statements for business decision making. Impacts of different accounting policies on inventories, long-lived assets, long-term liabilities and leases, analysis of income taxes, Intercorporate investments, long-lived assets, debt financing and off-balance sheet financing.

AM 8102 Valuation and Financial Modelling  3 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 5103 Introduction to Valuation and Financial Modelling

Techniques for Multiples Valuation, Asset based Valuation, Discounted Cash Flow Valuation, Valuation of Start-up. Understand pitfalls and common errors in financial modelling and industry specific financial modelling. Preparation of financial statement projection for Equity research, Mergers and Acquisitions or Investment Banking.

AM 8118 Equity Investment   3 Credits
Prerequisites: AM 5101 Investment

AM 8102 Valuation and Financial Modelling

Processes and techniques of analysis for equity investment, with emphasis on fundamental analysis, covering business cycle analysis, industry analysis, company analysis and approaches to valuation. Apply appropriate valuation techniques and integrate results of analysis to make better-informed investment decisions. Focus on case studies and practical assignments to understand the whole process.

AM 8119 Fixed Income Investment   3 Credits
Prerequisites: AM 5101 Investment

AM 8101 Financial Statement Analysis

Analysis of fixed income investments covering theory and characteristics of bond, bond market in general, bond market mechanism, risk and return on investment in fixed income and advanced bond instruments and analysis. Topics of discussion include valuation of bond, credit rating and credit analysis, yield measures, spot rates and forward rates, measurement of interest rate risk, valuation of option embedded fixed income, interest rate derivatives and securitisation.

AM 8105 Derivatives Analysis   3 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 5101 Investment

Analysis of contracts, pricings, valuations, and risks of forward, futures, swap, and options, risk management of option strategies, and interest and credit derivatives, introduction of various types of risks such as market risk, credit risk and operational risk, measurement of risk, and components of risk management process. 

AM 8106 Alternative Investments   2 Credits
Prerequisites: AM 5101 Investment

Key aspects and analysis of alternative investments, including Exchange Traded Funds; Commodities; Real Estate Investments; Infrastructure Funds; Private Equity; Leveraged Buyouts; Hedge Funds; and Distressed Investments.

AM 8107 Market Analysis and Portfolio Management   3 Credits
Prerequisites: AM 5101 Investment

Principles of Modern Portfolio Theories, Understanding application and extension to portfolio construction under different investment strategies and investment objectives. Application of market analysis through experience sharing with professional fund managers to analyse market trends, and implication on investment direction and strategies.

AM 8108 Strategic Corporate Finance   3 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 5101 Investments

Key theoretical and practical aspects of corporate finance, understanding the differences between Financial Management for newly set up companies, Small and Medium Enterprises and Large Corporate. Emphasis on management of company’s liquidity and working capital, key considerations for project investment, process for feasibility analysis and criteria for capital budgeting decision, key determinants in setting up corporate financial policy to support the company’s strategic plan, appropriate funding options, and understanding Initial Public Offerings and Listing process.

AM 8109 Start-up Financing   2 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 8102 Valuation and Financial Modelling

New venture funding process from perspectives of an entrepreneur raising funding, and of an investor in new venture. Identification of new venture opportunities, projection of revenue cash flows for new venture, valuation, fund raising to support new venture, structuring a new venture portfolio, and generation of returns from venture capital.

AM 8110 Wealth Management and Tax Planning   3 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 5101 Investments

Key components of Wealth Management, including investment planning, retirement planning, insurance planning and preparation of integrated financial plan, personal income tax and applicable tax planning strategies, investment abroad such as rules and regulations, product features and risk considerations.

AM 8111 Cases in Ethics and Professional Standard of Conduct   1 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 5101 Investments

AM 5103 Economics and Capital Markets

Major aspects of Ethics in business, with emphasis on investment management, including review of the implication on Sustainable and Responsible Investing, various definitions of ethics, how unethical behaviour arises, major cases of unethical behaviour on Wall Street, importance of ethics and trust in investment management, and CFA Institute’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

AM 8112 Quantitative Methods for Financial Research    3 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 8102 Valuation and Financial Modelling

Mathematical and Statistical Tools used in conducting academic research in Finance and Investment. Understanding statistical and probability concepts, normal distribution, sampling and estimation, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression analysis, time-series analysis, and training on statistical software for preparation of academic research in Finance.

AM 8113 Seminar in Financial Technology and Innovation    1 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 8109 Start-up Financing

Recent trends and market development in investment product, technological innovation, and application of Machine Learning in FINTECH. Seminars with industry specialists on latest technology, common programming language, security, governance, and regulatory issues on FINTECH. 

AM 8207 Risk Management 3 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 8107 Market Analysis and Portfolio Construction

Overview of risk management in corporate settings and how it may differ for various types of organizations in financial services sector. Explore key concepts in identification, measurement and management of risk, and commonly used techniques in quantifying risks such as Value At Risk (VAR) and expected shortfall, Historical simulations, Back testing and Stress testing.

AM 8202 Value Investing  2 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 8107 Market Analysis and Portfolio Management

Discussions on history, philosophy and practice of value investing, identification and understanding of critical issues that are facing value investors, best practices in value investing and development of value investing skills to support investment decision making.

AM 8209 Workshop in Technical Analysis 1 Credits
Prerequisite:   AM 8107 Market Analysis and Portfolio Construction

Principles and commonly used tools in technical analysis, understanding of concepts and application of each approach through hand-on workshop to identify trends, spot bottom and top, confirm reversal point and forecast target price. Discuss practical application and challenges to sharpen trading skills.

AM 8204 Investment Banking  3 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 8102 Valuation and Financial Modelling

Key elements in Investment Banking processes, ranging from structuring deals, analysis and valuation, regulatory concern for investment banking transactions, such as Fund raising in capital markets, Capital restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions and Syndicated Loans.

AM 8210 Case in Mergers and Acquisitions   2 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 8102 Valuation and Financial Modelling

Concepts and rationale behind Mergers and Acquisitions including corporate strategy, valuation, due diligence, financing decisions for the mergers and acquisition, transaction structures, restructuring options, takeover defence and integration. Discussion on real business challenges during Mergers & Acquisition processes by experienced financial advisors.

AM 8211 Foreign Exchange Management   2 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 8108 Strategic Corporate Management

Overview of International Financial Markets and theoretical foundations, Develop understanding on the foreign exchange market convention, determining FX risk and exposure, tools available for hedging FX exposure, namely SPOT, Forward, Options and Cross currency swap. Discussion using case studies and real-life examples of foreign exchange exposure management in corporations.

AM 8212 Private Equity & Venture Capital   2 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 8106 Alternative Investments

Structures, strategies and investment processes of Private Equity. Investment decision making criteria, due diligence, valuation, deal structures and exits.

AM 8213 Real Estate Investment   2 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 8106 Alternative Investments

Types of real estate investments, case studies in feasibility and investment analysis, other investible instruments for real estate investments such as Real Estate Investment Trusts and approach to analysis.

AM 8214 Hedge Fund   1 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 8106 Alternative Investments

Overview of investment process and trading strategies of hedge fund, investment criteria, consideration and potential risk involved in Hedge Fund.

AM 8215 Valuation for specialized sectors   2 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 8102 Valuation and Financial Modelling

Explore differences in financial statements of Financial, Insurance, Telecommunications, Real Estate and Energy. Discuss differences in value drivers, risk factors and competitive issues, approach to their analysis and emphasis. Specific industry terms, their significance and applications of appropriate valuation techniques.

AM 8216 Advanced financial modeling 2 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 8102 Valuation and Financial Modelling

Quantitative methodology being used for financial and business analysis. Suitable for quantitative focus with proficient excel as requirement. Explores quantitative techniques for portfolio analytics, risk management, trade algorithm programming, big-data analysis and artificial intelligence tools

AM 8217 Competitive Intelligence Data Analysis   2 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 8103 Equity Investment

Analysis of competitiveness of a company with respect to its immediate operating environment to generate actionable plans to achieve sustainable growth. Analysis covers relative positioning against direct competitors, level of engagement with customers and suppliers as well as appropriateness of capital structure. Introduces business tools for self-monitoring and explores a wide range of high-quality data to sharpen ‘market intelligence’.

AM 8218 Workshop in Estate Planning   1 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 8110 Wealth Management and Tax Planning

Latest development of inheritance tax, implications and discussion on case studies involving estate planning. Comparative analysis of estate planning in other leading private wealth hub such as Singapore and Hong Kong.

AM 8219 Clients’ Relationship Management   1 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 8110 Wealth Management and Tax Planning

Overview of clients’ relationship management for private wealth and corporate customers and how customers’ relationship management are supported by technological tools. Workshop and experience sharing on understanding clients’ styles, preference and appropriate engagement approach.

AM 8220  Investment in Structured Products   1 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 8105 Derivatives Analysis

Explores investment opportunities based on a given set of investment environment to help enhance returns or mitigate risks. Understand the process of putting together existing elements investment products into a composite one that is consistent with clients’ objectives and suitability.

AM 8221 Blockchain Technology & Application in Crypto Currency   1 Credits
Prerequisite: AM 8113 Seminar in Financial Technology and Innovation

Overview of Blockchain Technology, comprising Distributed Ledger Technology, Public and Private distributed ledger, Smart Contracts, Security and Privacy, Risks and Potential usage. Application of Crypto currency, current usage and business models based on crypto currency, risks and challenges and future direction of development.

AM 8222 Special topics in Finance & Investment 2 Credits
Prerequisite AM 8107 Market Analysis and Portfolio Management

Prevailing trends and topics in finance and investment

AM 8223 Special workshops in Finance & Investment   1 Credits
Prerequisite AM 8107 Market Analysis and Portfolio Management

Prevailing trends and topics in finance and investment in workshop learning setting.

AM 8301 Research in Finance and Investment  6 Credits      
Principles of academic research, research process, empirical research in finance and investment, with the view of developing research proposal to Research Advisor by the end of the term. Students independently conduct quantitative research in the approved topics, manage the pace of research to be in line with research plan, and seek guidance from Research Advisor proactively to address any academic issues encountered during the research process. Students are expected to complete their research and present the findings to Research Committee or to Academic Conference by end of the term.
AM 9001 Thesis 1         6 Credits
Each student will undertake research into an approved topic in the relevant area of finance and investment. Supervision will be arranged with expert faculty. Regular conferencing will be required to guide the student towards preparation of the Research Study Proposal for approval. During the phase, the student will concentrate on critically analyze relevant literature from diverse sources to identify areas of interest and topic of research. Towards the end of the first phase, the students should establish a conceptual framework and identify research methodology to be used in the thesis. The students should be ready for a proposal defence.
 AM 9001 Thesis 2  9 Credits
This is the phase in which students present and defend their research proposal before a Committee. Any changes required by the committee are made at this point before fieldwork is undertaken. Upon approval from the committee, the students can perform the analysis in accordance with the research proposal. The students are expected to prepare a well written review of literature, present the results and analysis in the context of current business environment. The thesis is defended before a committee including an external expert. The thesis will only be approved after any changes required by the committee are completed to the satisfaction of all committee members including the committee chairman