Installments Thai Students Non-Thai Students
1st Installment 150,700.- 168,200.- 5,607.-
2nd Installment 88,700.- 88,700.- 2,957.-
3rd Installment 88,700.- 88,700.- 2,957.-
4th Installment 64,700.- 69,700.- 2,323.-
5th Installment 58,700.- 58,700.- 1,957.-
Total 451,500.- 474,000.- 15,800.-

The fee includes:

  1. First enrolment fee (matriculation fee, etc)
  2. Tuition fee
  3. University fees, Campus, Network
  4. Comprehensive Examination Fee (First attempt only)
  5. Health/ Life Insurance (non-Thai)
  6. One round-trip arrangement for company visit or conference in Asia


The fee doesn’t include the following:

  1. Admission fee (non-refundable)
  2. Textbooks
  3. Maintaining Students Status (THB 4,900.- per Trimester)



  1. Overseas immersion program to New York can be arranged and will attract an additional fee at the expense and the prevailing exchange rate at such time.
  2. In case of fail grade obtained in a block teaching course or comprehensive exam, the student should repeat the course or the exam with the registration and university fees at the most recent rates, separately.
  3. The fees are subject to change at the University’s discretion without prior notice.