In 2008, Graduate School of Business, Assumption University has partnered with Thailand Securities Institute, the Stock Exchange of Thailand to establish Master of Science in Investment Analysis and Management. MsIAM is envisioned to integrate academic knowledge and professional practices and to develop professionally ready graduates for career in financial markets.

MsIAM students have benefited from the curriculum that are benchmarked with Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Most importantly, they enjoy opportunities to learn from local specialists and international professors in banking, asset management, financial consultant and private wealth management.

Program Objectives

The program aims to produce graduates with high level of proficiency in Finance for career in Capital Markets, Finance and Banking.

Key characteristics of our graduates are:

  1. Possess high ethical and professional standard of conduct for finance professionals.
  2. Equipped with up-to-date academic knowledge and practical application in line with market development in Financial analysis, Corporate Financial Management, Investment and Wealth Management.
  3. Possess strong conceptual and analytical reasoning for problem-solving and decision making.
  4. Interact professionally and communicate effectively under various business settings.
  5. Possess enthusiasm for lifelong learning and professional development in the chosen field of professions.

Key Developments

MSc in Investment Analysis and Management has consistently strengthening the students’ learning experiences through curriculum development and external partnership. In 2017, MSc. IAM is proud to introduce:

  1. New courses in “Valuation” to strengthen “Financial Modelling” skills
  2. New courses in “Start-up Financing” and “Seminar in Fintech and Financial Innovation” to keep abreast of the industry transformation.
  3. One study trip to financial markets in Asia.
  4. Participation in immersion programs in Asia and New York* with Madden School of Business, Le Moyne College.

*Students are welcomed to participate in an immersion program in New York subject to additional travelling, accommodation, tuition and arrangement fees at their own expense.